How to Check Ping in Pubg Mobile?-Simple Steps in 2022

Have you ever long-faced lag whereas taking part in Pubg? If yes, likelihood is that you’re experiencing high pings. This post can provide you with an entire guide a way to check the ping in Pubg mobile and introduce the simplest resolution for top ping in Pubg mobile?

How to Check Ping in Pubg Mobile-Simple Steps in 2022
How to Check Ping in Pubg Mobile-Simple Steps in 2022

How to Check Ping in Pubg mobile?

Running ping check in Pubg mobile is pretty straightforward.

#1: Check Pubg ping in-game

Here’s a way to see ping in Pubg mobile

  • Open the sport to examine your ping. Then be part of Pubg servers you wish.
  • Press the “Esc” key on your keyboard. The system menu can seem on the screen.
  • Then choose Settings from the computer menu. From the highest bar, choose the “gameplay” possibility.
  • Scroll down once clicking on recreation and search for a button tagged “Network rectify Statistics.” activate the choice to alter it.
  • Click apply and exit the system menu.
  • The network ping is going to be visible on the left aspect of your screen.

#2: mistreatment MySpeed

MySpeed is one of the reliable websites that provide you with careful data on your ping time. With this website, you’ll be able to recognize your actual ping speed in no time despite wherever you’re and what device you employ.

Following these steps on a way to check Pubg mobile ping mistreatment MySpeed:

  • Step 1: Open Chrome and visit the website
  • Step 2: Click on the “Go” button and expect the Pubg ping to be displayed Apart from MySpeed, you’ll be able to conjointly do a ping check and check the web association mistreatment alternative websites like,, etc.

PUBG: Difference between PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite

PUBG has well-tried to be the well-renowned battle royale vogue game across the world. This game has gone extraordinarily infectious agent amongst any nook or professional gamer, and with it, each individual UN agency contains a feeling for this adventures game needs to induce hold of it. Because of such high demand and want to access this game, fans round the world attempt to delight in PUBG with their cellular devices.

As the needed game specifications for PUBG demands a minimum of 2GB of RAM, it becomes quite onerous for heaps of players to access the sport swimmingly. The distinguished problems moon-faced by such players is that the constant lag within the game expertise.

A lot of times even the sport crashes, and it becomes onerous to re-launch the sport that becomes a foul style for fans of PUBG. To counteract such problems, developers at Epic Games came up with a tough press different of making a separate nonfat version for PUBG players UN agency access this game through budget smartphones.

With the new PUBG Mobile nonfat version, the sport size is compressed, and a few necessary tweaks and changes are enclosed to form the sport file size little and compatible with many budget good devices.

With the new nonfat version, the excellent devices with restricted RAM demand and process speed may also support the sport to confirm higher in-game expertise.

You will conjointly observe bound variations in each of the variants of PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile nonfat .

As in PUBG Mobile variant, a complete of a hundred players battle with one another to win the chicken dinner that is comparable to the computer version, however in PUBG nonfat version a complete of forty players are assembled to fight the duel that provides quick pace in-game expertise.

Another important distinction between the 2 modes is that the in-game maps as in regular PUBG version there are a spread of maps like Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar and Vikendi all comprising their individual expertise and completely different sizes starting from 4X4 kilometer to 6X6 kilometer.

But within the nonfat version, players are availed with 2X2 kilometer map that provides less load on the process speed of the device and also, it helps the players to delight in fast in-game action.

Although PUBG is documented for its in-game graphics to supply its fans with a sensible atmosphere and creates a period action sequence, still the nonfat variant of PUBG is tweaked with low graphics to ab initio offer sleek net stability and fewer load on the device graphics and process speed.

But low graphics don’t hamper any such essential in-game expertise and so offer similar gameplay like the PUBG Mobile version.

As Tencent vice offer nonfat version for PUBG fans, they tried to confirm maintaining the similar expertise for players round the world no matter their devices and created a way reliable active user base.

What is a decent ping for Pubg mobile?

PUBG is a web multiplayer game that has taken the recreation community by storm. You don’t essentially want a business-speed web association to game seamlessly, however you are doing want a minimum of 15-20Mbps if you’re about to play games.

But you furthermore might got to accept your information measure. Running a pubg ping check is that the best thanks to recognize if your speed supports your recreation expertise.

What if your ping is just too high? Reading on to grasp a way to lower ping in Pubg mobile. Best resolution for [6] [7] high ping in Pubg.

If you run ping tests and verify your ping is high, attempt the subsequent ways that to mend high ping Pubg mobile. however, we’ve got to mention that a method could be appropriate for this user, whereas the opposite technique won’t be.

Here area unit some resolution for top ping in Pubg mobile; Let’s look: Use coaxes.

Wi-Fi might contribute to a high ping speed. That’s the explanation why nearly each on-line gamer is suggested to use coax instead to attach their laptop to the web. mistreatment the web through LAN may be a nice tip on Pubg a way to see ping and therefore the best resolution for top ping in Pubg mobile.

Position Your laptop near to Router (only for wireless local area network users) [10] [11]

Positioning your laptop nearer to the router is additionally a decent thanks to cut back ping Pubg mobile. Also, you’ll be able to cut back signal interference from alternative house appliances like wireless speakers, microwaves, and mobile chargers.

Note that obstructions like walls and rooms in between your laptop and therefore the router might be related to the high ping speed. So, to boost your wireless local area network signal and improve your line of property, you must move your laptop or nearer to your router. Taking part in the sport on the native Pubg servers may be a good way to mend high ping speed. Say, you’re within the kingdom and need to play on US-based Pubg servers. The lag is probably going to happen. The ping speed from the North American country is going to be high as compared to the united kingdom.

We extremely suggest that you play the net game on the native server or the closest Pubg serves to induce minimum ping speed on the Pubg ping check results.

Close Programs Running on Background [14]

Programs running within the background suggest that they’re using processor resources and information measure. The lot of they use, the upper the network latency and ping time is. Therefore, the ping check result’s conjointly affected.

So the resolution for top ping in Pubg mobile is to shut all the non-essential websites and programs in your browser, whereas taking part in games to assist cut back ping speed.

Limit the amount of devices connected to Wifi[15]

With a lot of devices connected, information measure distribution is going to be high, so conveyance high ping speeds to your laptop. These are applicable equivalent once mistreatment associate coaxes to attach your router. Therefore, limiting the amount of devices connected to the network is a good thanks to cut back lag Pubg mobile. Performing speed check on-line and see the distinction between before and once mistreatment coax.

Stop downloads on laptop

Downloading one thing on your laptop takes up your web information measure, which may clearly lead to high Pubg ping speed.

So, certify to stay a check on downloads whereas taking part in a web game. Also, keep a watch on wanting if one thing is being uploaded or not. If that’s the case, stop the transfer in addition.

Also, check on alternative connected devices if one thing is being downloaded or uploaded. If so, you’ll got to stop that besides mend high ping drawback in Pubg mobile. employing a game booster,

Another nice resolution for top latency is to use a game booster. Most mobile phones have intrinsical game boosters that area unit meant to halt or interrupt background activities to permit for seamless gameplay and place the information measure for the sport you’re taking part in.[19]

FAQs about Pubg

What is ping in PUBG Mobile?

Ping measures the time to create a trip time between your laptop and therefore the PUBG Mobile server, and it’s measured in milliseconds. A optimized ping time means that you have got an additional responsive association for latency-sensitive apps like on-line games.

How do I buy the most effective ping in PUBG Mobile?

Image result for a way to see Ping in Pubg Mobile?

Use a VPN

Finally, if everything else fails, consider putting in a VPN for humanoid or iOS. employing a VPN will improve ping and fix PUBG Mobile lag caused by network congestion, like a thronged server. However, rather like in the case of the sport booster, we advise you against employing a free VPN.

How do i buy twenty ping in PUBG?

With that aforesaid, let’s start.

7 ways that to scale back Ping in PUBG Mobile in 2020. Here, we’ve got mentioned eight completely different techniques which may significantly bring down ping whereas taking part in PUBG.

  • Use Native Game Booster.
  • Control wireless local area network settings.
  • Disable Background Syncing.
  • Try Third-party Tools.
  • Change Server.
  • Manage the house.
  • Repair PUBG.

Can VPNs scale back ping?

Does a VPN scale back Ping? affirmative, a VPN will beyond any doubt lower your ping. It will thus by causation knowledge packets through additional direct routes than they might otherwise travel through your association. Reciprocally, the data can flow additional freely and you’ll relish recreation with low ping.


How frustrating it’s once lag problems occur! If you’ve got an equivalent drawback next time, provide every resolution for top ping in Pubg an attempt. If you aren’t glad with the Pubg ping speed, it’s best to contact your ISP and report the matter.

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