Latest Paint Color Trends In 2024

According to industry experts, the colors that make us feel healthy, tranquil, and centered are expected to dominate the design landscape in 2024. Interiors are nudged awake by these lucid blues, delicate greens, and grounded earth tones, which point us toward a bright horizon, especially during times like COVID-19.

During the COVID-19 pandemic’s upheaval, some people drew towards soothing neutrals, while others embraced bright, cheerful hues. As we envisage a post-pandemic future, the colors that fill our homes and lives will undoubtedly differ again, but some trends are expected to emerge, and some experts have even predicted the top 2024 paint colors.

This article will bring you top paints if you are looking for inspiration that can enlighten your house with colors that are appealing to the eye but at the same time are subtle and unique.

Some of the paint color trends to look for are as follows:

1. Natural Olive

When used on furniture, cabinetry, shelving, decorative items, and more, a gentle sage olive with faint gray undertones may bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Olive is looked at as a symbol of wellness, and it creates a relaxing ambiance in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and other locations.

To create a warm, organic vibe, match the color with dusty pastels like peach or blush, or go for a modern design with chilly gray or black accents. Water-based semi-transparent and solid stains are available at various merchants across the country.

2. Neutrals

Updating your home with a relaxing green on the walls, adding a splash of color with an orange sideboard, or enjoying a deep, cocoa-colored dining room are all simple ways to improve your space. Still, you should never overlook the refreshing virtues of traditional white.

There are a million dazzling paint colors out there, but nothing beats a warm white for durability and timeless appeal. White paint provides a blank canvas to create our masterpiece.

3. Blue Shades

Blue is one of the transformative colors inspired by the sea-to-sky infinities that breathe new life into light and airy rooms. Soothing blues are especially useful in relaxing settings like bedrooms and blue bathrooms because they provide a sense of calm.

Blue may strike numerous chords because there are so many different colors. Cooler tones can give an industrial feel to walls, while electric blues add excitement.

4. Terracotta 

The natural world provides us with interesting and unique materials to work with. We can create spaces with their distinct sense of character by combining foraged, pre-loved things, contemporary and bespoke pieces, and explosions of abstract color.

When choosing a striking paint color for a room like a bedroom, it’s crucial to choose one created from natural materials because they’re softer and chalkier in tone, resulting in a less harsh end finish.

When painting with a bright color like red, it’s crucial to consider the lighting. Throughout the day and seasons, this color takes on slightly varied tones.

5. Citron

Yellow is considered vintage for being antiquated and overbearing in the past. However, as individuals look for methods to warm up their homes, bright colors make a comeback in the design world. Buttery and citron tones, which resemble the petals of a sunflower, in particular, enliven any place they’re used.

6. Aubergine

Instead of sticking to classic black, mix it with deep and dark aubergine colors. Dark colors can be used in interiors in various, from dark terrazzo flooring to dark walls.

When combined with neutral furnishings and textiles, this monochromatic design element lends a sensuous refinement to any space, creating a powerful yet timeless style.

7. Dazzle

You can use stunning jewel tones in highly saturated colors named after gemstones such as sapphire, peridot, emerald, and ruby to divide multifunctional rooms, creating striking contrast and stylistic confidence. If you don’t want to paint the entire room in an extrovert jewel tone, color-blocking walls could be a decent option.

8. Creamy White

Consider them classic or historic whites. Bright whites do not have the same soothing effect as these colors. Warm white is timeless and adaptable, and it goes with any decor. They provide a relaxing impact and go well with the other current grounding hues.

9. Digitals

In a contemporary mural of tonal colors for the living room, interiors explore a strange world where dreams meet reality via unexpected forms.

To create an elegant design that plays on perspective, combine evocative, dreamlike pinks with brilliant citrus pops and deep amethyst tones.

10. Lilac

Pale violet tones are elegant and subtle, evoking a mystical, twilight glow and enchanting beauty. Stunningly delicate mixtures are adaptable and versatile enough to work with a wide range of bedroom color schemes and design styles.

When it’s dark, mauve can be soothing, but it’s vibrant and inviting; when the light is shining, it’s vibrant and inviting. It is suitable for built-in bunk beds, library bookcases, or a small area like a powder room.

11. Bright Shades

As working from home becomes the norm, remote workers are looking for ways to bring the outdoors in to create an intellectually engaging home office environment that encourages deep concentration.

Uplifting yellow hues, a crucial color for 2022 interiors, transmit contagious cheerfulness without being overbearing or dominant.

Also, you can opt for bright yellow colors as these are associated with optimism and pleasure, making them an excellent choice for instilling pleasant feelings in the home.

12. Artistic

Artistic colors are down-to-earth colors that represent stability, comfort, and tranquility. The 1970s bohemian aesthetic inspires this gloomy, rich color. You can use it as an all-over paint color in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms to create a welcoming atmosphere.

You can coat both the walls and the millwork for a contemporary look that will engulf the entire area in comfortable warmth. To brighten up this cocoa brown, pair it with light, breezy neutrals, or go for vibrant jewel tones for a luxurious appearance.

13. Gray-green

The mid-tone gray-green represents a departure from the cold neutrals and dazzling jewel tones that dominated past paint color trends.

This soothing, natural hue may offer a warm greeting in foyers, create a sense of peace and calm in bedrooms or baths, and infuse restorative energy into living rooms, kitchens, and other common areas.

You can incorporate a combination of metal finishes such as warm brass, light gold, or matte black for a polished aesthetic that leans more glam.

14. Simply Natural

Experts agree that hues influenced by nature, such as lush greens and desert-like tans, will be more popular this year. We’ve seen neutrals warm up, and sustainability and organic living have emerged as significant design trends.

Tones like taupes, beiges, biscuits, and mushrooms, as well as nature-inspired colors notable greens, will take center stage in 2022. A desert palette appears opulent and inviting on walls or fabrics.

These colors of brown, which range from mild sandy browns to earthy hues like cocoa, work as neutrals but have a more dynamic and gloomy atmosphere than a standard neutral.


The most fantastic aspect of color is how it affects our emotions in different ways and seeks different colors at different points in our lives. Interior designers, more than any other group of artists, interior designers understand this, incorporating color into our living spaces in ways that speak to both our private desires and the collective exterior environment.

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